CCTV Solution in Dubai

Following are the some of the most important services for CCTV Solution in Dubai that BHL TECH company endeavors to serve to its esteemed customers and clients.

BHL TECH provides system integrators and resellers with project solutions from stand-alone systems through to enterprise level systems for a wide range of industries: Airports – Health Care Government – Police – Military – Basic and Higher Education – Telecom – Manufacturing – Corporate Real Estate – Retail Investment – Real Estate – Private Sector – Banking – Government – Residential – Transportation – Water & Wastewater. The system Integrator and reseller can rely on expert and professional assistance in ensuring that the requirements of the end user are fulfilled with a professional solution – without sacrifice of cost effectiveness and reliability.

The most common CCTV solutions are CCTV Installation , CCTV Camera Installation, IP camera, High Definition IP camera, Access Control System, CCTV Camera, PTZ camera, Intrusion systems, Instek Digital will be used by clients.

ID card production systems are one of the most advanced CCTV solutions in the modern day world. With ID cards production systems one can create the customized ID badges you need with a professional, turn-key photo id card printer system from Fargo. Your personal specifications can be easily met with our time-and-cost-efficient packages which include the highest-quality ID card software, printers and supplies on the market. Our comprehensive PVC card printer systems provide every item required to get you started producing your own custom photo ID badges.

BHL TECH also proud to provide services for the intercom solutions,It s highly recommended by BHL TECH to many companies to use Intercom systems which support the seamless integration of various systems for CCTV Surveillance, Mobile Radio, Alarms and Control. All systems and components are brought together on a common platform. The uniform user interface gives security, staff convenient control of all functions and tasks required to ensure life safety and secure property. Easy operation, both for the public and security personnel, combined with very high speech quality ensure effective and efficient results.

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM is the most crucial CCTV solutions when it comes to security and privacy, we will be doubly sure about our access systems, there will be many companies who are providing their access control systems products, but it’s recommendable to go for the BHL TECH Access Control System which is the most flexible, dependable integrated access control solution available today in the market. Modular design allows for easy expansion. Up to sixteen door controllers can be linked via IP to create a large or small system configuration with unlimited doors. Up to 50000 users per cluster, 254 user-definable time schedules, 1500 access groups, 10000 event log buffer, and native TCP/IP.