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Anti Theft Antenna in UAE

An anti-theft antenna is a system where any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. In the UAE, concerns of security will be a major issue and Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors from so many years. From the invention of the first lock and key to the introduction of RFID tags and biometric identification, anti-theft systems have evolved to match the introduction of new inventions to society and the resulting theft of them by others.

Following are some of the most important services of Anti Theft Antenna in UAE that BHLTECH endeavors to offer to its esteemed corporate and other clients in the UAE..

We at BHLTECH provide our best services to clients where there are particular items which may require an anti-theft system for a variety of reasons, which may occur in combination depending on the type of item and its use. If the item is expensive and/or has sentimental value (prestigious car, family heirloom, birthday gift, war medals, coin collection) The item is difficult/impossible to replace if lost (produced in low numbers, antiques, unique works of art).

We at BHLTECH provide the best services on Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system which is an anti-theft technology that is proven to protect merchandise against shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-value merchandise, alert retailers when shoplifters try to take items through electronic gate sensors at exit doors. These kind of cases are relevant in the industrial areas in the UAE as these occurrences happen mostly in areas like warehouses.. EAS systems provide a good deterrent against casual theft. The occasional shoplifter, not being familiar with these systems and their mode of operation, will either get caught by them or will refrain from stealing. Also with the help of the CCTV footage, a theft can be prevented and a thief can be traced and caught.

We at BHLTECH offer and endeavor our services for the prevention of Thefts in the UAE. With new models of Antenna systems technologies such as RF Shop Anti-Theft System 202 Standard RF Antenna 202 Plexi RF Antenna RF Deactivators & Accessories. The 202 Standard RF Anti-Theft system is reliable and cost-effective using radio frequency (RF) technology and the full range of RF hard tags and labels. Like all RF antennas, this alarm system has an extremely high detection rate, helping to significantly reduce shoplifting. These functional antennas are ideal for many retail environments, their compact size makes them particularly suitable for shops with smaller entrances where space is at a premium. With its state-of-the-art digital processing technology, the 202 is not only an extremely reliable alarm system, but also cost-effective anti-theft-solution.

We at BHLTECH offer our clients an excellent quality range of ANTI THEFT SYSTEMS, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials here in the UAE. These ANTI THEFT SYSTEMS and Antenna’s can be customized as per our precious customer’s specifications. These ANTI THEFT SYSTEMS are widely known for its durability and quality. Our ANTI THEFT SYSTEMS can be availed at industry leading prices.

We at BHLTECH also offer our different range of Electronic Anti Theft Systems services to clients and have been proven to protect the merchandise from the shoplifters. Small security tags, applied to high-theft merchandise, it alerts to the retailers when somebody tries to take the merchandise without being billed from the store. Reducing shoplifting losses, increasing profitability, increasing sales when items are taken from locked cases behind counters and put on live sales floor. Therefore, creating a more pleasant shopping environment for your customers with utmost security and protection from any theft with proper and reliable security measures.